Don't be fooled by video magic. The invisibility cloak is totally fake



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This video was posted to Youtube in December 2017 with the claim that Chinese cops were in possession of invisibility cloaks and now have the ability to sneak up on criminals. Yaaay! Good guys 1, bad guys nil! The problem is -- it's just video trickery, and many have been fooled.

The video posted at the Chinese online video site called Weibo, included the below translated caption:

Quantum cloak is made of quantum stealth material into clothing, by reflecting the light waves around the wearer, can make people wearing such clothes to achieve “invisible” effect. This technology can be more used in the military, so soldiers like to wear “stealth military uniform”, but also can avoid night vision goggles. My question is criminals used stealth clothes police supposed to!?

None of that statement is true. The video was created by quite skilled Adobe After Effects users and also quite patient.

A professional video producer analyze the video and pointed the clear flaws that determined it was all just a fake:

"Zhu Zhensong, producer at Quantum Video production company told Liberation Daily that there were no such thing as invisibility cloak. Zhensong revealed the video had been edited and filmed with a blue or green plastic cloth. He said: ‘Softwares such as Adobe’s After Effects, Nuke or Blackmagic Fusion can edit the background and blend the object into it. The effect has previously seen in a lot of action movies."


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