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Feel-good EDM Producer and DJ, breathing life into dancefloors.

Some folks are just crazy without drugs

Public commute can be a bane sometimes, and in this case it went crazy when one dude stepped on another's foot. Something that easily have been ...
Tuesday, July 31 2018 1:44am

The shit that only happens at Walmart

What makes some of the people who shop at Wally-mart act like wackos? The brand just seems to attract the social trash who don't appear to care what ...
Monday, July 30 2018 4:07am

Police extremism seems to be the norm in American society today

Somewhere in Texas in 2015, cops seemingly were happy to disgrace 2 women. It seems once a human is classified as criminal, their humanity is null ...
Monday, July 30 2018 7:59pm

If you love the beats of the drum, you're gonna dig this queen on drums

Her name is Taylor T’Keyah Gordon from New Orleans, Louisiana and she was born to rock da house. She's multi instrumental and trained at Berklee ...
Tuesday, July 24 2018 10:27pm

When an old-G hears his jam from his youth and can't stop his feet from movin'

This video of a man getting down with the jam from his younger days is just too funny. He had to get down with that oldie groove, and it hit him so ...
Friday, July 27 2018 4:21pm

The X-Files TV show makes fun of Trump's statements with a promo video

An ET meets with Scully and Mulder and tells them Earthlings are not welcomed throughout the galaxy because they are sending rapists, thieves and ...
Friday, July 27 2018 1:20pm

Are white cops more tolerable of abuse from white males?

A white man let off a litany of expletives on 2 white cops in Chicago, and he was able to walk away unscathed. How is that even possible? Is it just ...
Sunday, July 29 2018 4:08pm

Don't be fooled by video magic. The invisibility cloak is totally fake

This video was posted to Youtube in December 2017 with the claim that Chinese cops were in possession of invisibility cloaks and now have the ability ...
Sunday, July 29 2018 10:02pm

If you're a dude who wants to wear female high heels, practice at home before going into public

A dude wearing female high heels just lost his sense of balance and all his food, then he lost the wig. He felt entirely like ferdie and wished for ...
Friday, July 27 2018 5:03am

Cats were born to climb so they certainly don't need human help to get down

Some where in the motherland, Africa, a cat was spotted in what seemed like a well and naturally the humans feel the need to help save the pussy. ...
Friday, July 27 2018 3:03am

This is why rich folk don't ride public transports

When one rides the public transits, there is a good chance that a freak show may erupt, and you just have to watch, 'cos your stop is not for another ...
Thursday, July 26 2018 11:48am

Too much acid got him doing the dance

It's all good to get a little blazed to party, but if yo' ass can't handle the high, don't f#k with it! Maybe the dude in this video learned that ...
Thursday, July 26 2018 2:52pm

Successful performance artists had to hustle the streets to make ends meet

Don't dare think that performance artists are "lucky" or had it easy in life. They all learned their craft at an early age and spent countless hours ...
Tuesday, July 24 2018 10:02pm

This is the kinda prank that will cause one to get a major beat down

The advent of Youtube and other similar online video delivery service makes people do really ridiculous acts to gain views and even a career. One ...
Thursday, July 26 2018 2:43am
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